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last mile delivery

A data and artificial intelligence driven logistics & delivery management software and mobile system, purpose built for critical last mile delivery

Critical deliveries made easy

Optimize your efficiency with our
Real-time Tracking and Safety Checks

Safety Checks
Real-time Tracking

App full of features for your deliveries

Proof of Delivery, Route Update, Offline Functionality, Connect your
Platforms to ROUTD, Live ETAs, Route Optimization and more…

Proof of Delivery

A driver will have the ability to provide proof of delivery, which includes digital image capture, scan a parcel; location stamp and comments note failed delivery.

Route update (Live ETA)

All customers’ orders will get a delivery notification and Eta to confirm expected delivery time.

Offline Functionality (Remote Locations)

Whether delivering in an obscure location or a low signal area, no problem, ROUTD app works offline and synchs when signal or Wi-Fi is reconnected

Connect Your Platforms to ROUTD

Do you want to connect your website to ROUTD? Do you want to trigger an invoice from your accounting software.

Live ETAs & ETA predictor (For Customer)

Your customers will have a live map to track their deliveries and view the real-time ETA of the driver.

Route Optimization (Static & Dynamic)

The ROUTD proprietary routing algorithm can automatically optimise your driver daily routes to save your business time, fuel and vehicle costs.