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Importance of Visibility in Last Mile Delivery

According to Convey survey data, 68% of customers are not likely to return to a brand after one bad delivery experience. Customers in recent years have increasing expectations for speedy deliveries and accurate ETAs regardless of unforeseen weather changes and traffic delays. Because of this, communication with the customer up to the second the item reaches its destination is key. A delivery management software with an ETA predictor could be a major deciding factor in a customer becoming a loyal customer as well as boosting their level of satisfaction. Furthermore, if a delivery is unexpectedly delayed or fails, upholding transparent communication with a customer is an essential part of the process.

Last mile delivery or last mile logistics comprises 53% of overall delivery costs being the most expensive and last part of an items journey to its destination. This process starts as soon as the customer places an order. Food delivery within the last mile delivery sector is especially critical in the transportation phase since varying temperatures of storage could cause a failed delivery resulting in a greater loss of time and money. With increasing technologies and more efficient planning, last mile costs can be reduced through properly stored foods and temperature checks. Therefore, problems can be quickly resolved through technology solutions that create a more systematic approach to last mile delivery for cost, labor, and energy saving results. ROUTD, our data driven last mile delivery management software, is a proven method to track drivers and deliveries easily. With the use of its backend and driver features, ROUTD helps make each delivery simpler by transforming the customer experience through visibility in each part of the journey.