Backend Features

Track your Efficiency with our CMS

Revolutionising Critical Deliveries

ROUTD provides ultimate backend management solution for it’s customers.
Using easy to manage backend dashboard for deliveries.

Reports & Analytics

Ability to view reports and manage performance via real-time and historical data.

Back-end Management Dashboard

Management dashboard to notify drivers, re-assign deliveries, or check delivery status, completed drivers or late deliveries.

Live Delivery Screen

Daily monitoring performance indicators that shows the status of all deliveries.

Route Optimization

The ROUTD proprietary routing algorithm can automatically optimize your driver daily routes to save your business time, fuel and vehicle costs.

Push Notification Capability

Send delivery updates, instructions reminders, notes or surveys, directly to groups, or individual delivery drivers via the app, improving direct access to customers without advertising.

Integrate with the ROUTD API

Automatically send orders from your customers through to ROUTD.

Customer Delivery Notification

A delivery notification will be sent to the customers with a live map to track the deliveries and view the real-time ETA of the driver.

Customer and real-time service feedback

Customer feedback from all deliveries to monitor service and performance.

Live ETAs & ETA Predictor (Driver ETA)

ROUTD automatically predict the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) of your drivers out in the field.