Driver Features

Deliver with Proof and

Amazing Features for Drivers

With Proof of Delivery, Notifications, Booking Form etc.
ROUTD make it easy for drivers to deliver items.

Ready to start work

When a driver is ready to start work, there are a series of vehicle safety checks before he/she can start work. These include vehicle checks, safety checks and job orders acceptance.

Proof of Delivery

A driver will have the ability to provide proof of delivery, which includes digital image capture, scan a parcel; location stamp and comments to note failed delivery. All info uploaded in the cloud server and updated to the back end history dashboard.

Route update (Live ETA)

All customers’ orders will get a delivery notification and Eta to confirm expected delivery time.

Dispatch and Job Assignment

Our dispatching system automatically assigns a driver based on: location, distance, current payload, availability, direction etc You can also manually select and add drivers to cover a specific route.

Public Booking Form (White Labelled)

You might deliver for the regular customers each week and you just need a simple way for them to book.

Route Optimization (Static & Dynamic)

The ROUTD proprietary routing algorithm can automatically optimize your drivers daily routes to save your business time, fuel and vehicle costs.

Ready for Driver

When an order is ready you can press “READY FOR DRIVER” from the live jobs page.

Real-Time Service Feedback

Monitor your driver’s service and performance.

Push Notification Capability

Send delivery updates, instructions, reminders, notes or surveys, directly to groups, or individual delivery drivers via the app, improving direct access to customers without advertising.

Offline Functionality (Remote Locations)

Whether delivering in an obscure location or a low signal area, ROUTD will continue to work offline and automatically synch when signal or Wi-Fi is restored.

Integrate Your Website or APP with the ROUTD API

Automatically send orders from your platform through to ROUTD.

Live ETAs & ETA predictor (For Customer)

Your customers will have a live map to track their deliveries and view the real-time ETA of the driver.

Live ETAs & ETA Predictor (Driver ETA)

ROUTD automatically predicts the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) of your drivers out in the field.