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Driver Safety within Last Mile Delivery

When beginning a route, the primary concern should be for both driver and vehicle safety as they go together. Driver safety begins with ensuring vehicles are in optimal condition to be operating on the road.

ROUTD utilizes an outsourced tool that can track acceleration, cornering, speeding, and harsh breaking. By identifying potential safety concerns and tracking data over time, they can be addressed accordingly. Keeping cognizant of traffic conditions, weather, and road closures or delays are also an aspect of both driver and vehicle safety.

Tips for keeping the driver safe:

– Park in a well-lit area
– Always lock the door and take the key when making a delivery
– Have the customer information on hand to notify customer upon arrival

Integrating multiple vendor tools helps:

– Determine the safest route for deliveries
– Aid in developing and implementing appropriate security measures for protecting drivers and goods
– Gives guidance for future deliveries and potential protocols

ROUTD internally collects information on driver performance and shouts out driver best performers per month on an employee application. This helps to provide incentives to improve driving performance by way of a little competition. It also helps us spot trends and make internal improvements.