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Food Safety within Last Mile Delivery

The has determined around 17% of food is wasted globally. Food wastage has a huge part in undermining sustainability measures. Food lost can impact both food availability and can increase the cost of food worldwide. For critical last mile deliveries that have perishable items, safety is of the utmost concern. To ensure food safety standards are met, there are many ways to make sure customers are receiving food that has been packaged properly. Every food item has a different journey through the supply chain.

For instance, think about a bag of lettuce in the grocery store. It had to be grown, packaged, stored, transported, and sold. Throughout the process, the lettuce must be kept at a certain temperature to ensure it hasn’t wilted or gone bad before its expiration date. Keeping food at a safe temperature during the journey is critical, and takes prior knowledge, technology, and equipment. This helps eliminate food waste and increase customer safety in consumption.

ROUTD technology provides the ability to keep food temperature controlled as well as recorded to ensure proper shipping conditions. When the food arrives at the given location, the temperature will be submitted in a form (if applicable) so that the receiver has accurate data for reference.