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Monitoring Delivery Route Performance within Last Mile Delivery

Tired of heavy delays of traffic congestion or roadwork making a delivery arrive late?

In last mile delivery, unexpected occurrences and delays are bound to happen. Closely monitoring delivery route performance from Point, A to Point B allows for optimization and fixes in the long run to ensure smooth deliveries. For instance, if there is always traffic on a certain street at 9AM, and a weekly recurring delivery at that time, historical data will allow informed decisions on when to leave in order for the delivery to be made on time. It may be a simple fix of avoiding one street on certain days, that could ensure a smoother journey and delivery process. If a daily recurring delivery is taking 20% longer to complete than 3 months ago, then the system should be indicating where the bottleneck/root cause is; lateness from leaving depot, increased vehicle load, increased traffic, customer availability for signage, or time spent finding parking.

Ever have a driver arrive to unload a delivery and the store was closed or no one was there for pickup?

Data taken from delivery routes should be readily available for drivers. This saves time and allows for adjustments in scheduling as needed. When a driver arrives at a store, they should have the customer contact or store number on hand as well as the updated store hours to help in the delivery process. Having to wait around or have a delivery failure because no one could collect the items proves to be extremely costly in terms of both time and money.