Navigating Change: The Competitive Edge of Agile Responsiveness Part 2

Knowledge Hub In the dynamic world of business, agility is the key to success. At ROUTD, we recognise that adaptability is not just a strategy but the vital competitive edge that distinguishes leaders. As we continue the series, we’ll delve deeper into why empowering clients for swift responses to market shifts and customer demands is […]

Navigating Change: The Competitive Edge of Agile Responsiveness Part 1

Knowledge Hub In the fast-paced realm of business, change is the only constant. The ability to pivot swiftly, adapt gracefully, and respond seamlessly is not just a strategy; it’s the competitive advantage that sets leaders apart. At ROUTD, we understand that staying ahead isn’t about predicting the future; it’s about shaping it. In the next […]

Decoding Last-Mile Delivery: A Symphony of Data-Driven Insights Part 2

Knowledge Hub So, continuing on from Part 1, let’s deep dive into Part 2: Delivering Excellence, One Data Point at a Time At ROUTD, we believe that the road to exceptional last-mile delivery is paved with data. Our platform doesn’t just track deliveries; it harnesses the power of aggregated data to fuel business growth. Imagine […]

Decoding Last-Mile Delivery: A Symphony of Data-Driven Insights Part 1

Knowledge Hub In the intricate dance of modern logistics, data is the music that guides every step of the journey. At ROUTD, we’re not just orchestrating deliveries; we’re conducting a symphony of insights that empower businesses to elevate their last-mile delivery game. Let’s delve into how aggregating last-mile delivery data is transforming the landscape, paving […]

Last Mile Delivery Revolution

Knowledge Hub In the dynamic realm of last-mile delivery, where speed and precision converge, there’s a silent force reshaping the landscape: Complete Visibility. Imagine a world where every stakeholder, from customers and delivery drivers to our valued clients are seamlessly connected, informed, and empowered throughout the delivery journey.   The Customer Odyssey In the age […]

Empty Miles in Last Mile Delivery

Knowledge Hub “Empty miles” is known as the distance a truck must travel while carrying no cargo. In recent years, the percentage of UK trucks running empty has been on the rise, with statistics for 2022 showing one in three lorries on the roads are driving empty (Department for Transport DfT). With road freight accounting […]

Monitoring Delivery Route Performance within Last Mile Delivery

Knowledge Hub Tired of heavy delays of traffic congestion or roadwork making a delivery arrive late? In last mile delivery, unexpected occurrences and delays are bound to happen. Closely monitoring delivery route performance from Point, A to Point B allows for optimization and fixes in the long run to ensure smooth deliveries. For instance, if […]

Business Decisions within Last Mile Delivery

Knowledge Hub Effective business decisions are key to understanding and improving delivery within the last mile sector. Five key last mile aspects to track that help inform last mile delivery decisions include: 1.       Vehicle emissions over time 2.       Number of deliveries per week by customer/order 3.       Customer satisfaction through reviews 4.    Missed […]

Driver Safety within Last Mile Delivery

Knowledge Hub When beginning a route, the primary concern should be for both driver and vehicle safety as they go together. Driver safety begins with ensuring vehicles are in optimal condition to be operating on the road. ROUTD utilizes an outsourced tool that can track acceleration, cornering, speeding, and harsh breaking. By identifying potential safety […]

Vehicle Safety within Last Mile Delivery

Knowledge Hub A critical aspect of last mile delivery revolves around vehicle safety. Ensuring vehicles are safe gives additional peace of mind in sending drivers on the road even during traffic, bad weather conditions or covering long distances. It is the third-party logistics provider’s or company’s responsibility to determine and enforce vehicle safety best practices […]